Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A rainy day entry.

Man, rainy days can be touch and go. It's nice sometimes to be forced into the house and just be lazy, but I didn't get that luxury because I had doctor's appointments today, oh well.

So I've acquired a new vehicle :) it's a 1990 Buck LeSabre, with 209,000 miles and it is a god damn beast! It's going to be my winter get-around, nothing better than a big-ass car with great tires that floats over the snowbanks. Here's what I plan to do to it so far:

-Rhino liner on the lower edges of the car to prevent more corrosion
-Flat Black paint
-Nighshade tail lights
-Repaint the steel wheels black
-Eyebrows on the front headlights
-4 rally-style round foglights on the front
-DDM Apexcone 6000K HID kit
-Short ram intake (done already)
-2 1/4 exhaust to a y-pipe and dual pipes
-Give the interior a good cleaning

A lot of money, you might say, but to drive the Prelude during the winter:

-I'd have to wash it frequently to prevent more rust
-I'd have to get 4 new tires, low pros aren't cheap (around 550 installed)
-I'd drive like a fucking grandma because i'd be afraid of getting hit

Buick - Free, needs tabs and title transferred, and insurance ($70-80 for tabs and title, $45 a month insurance)
Honda- Needs tires ($550), $41 a month insurance

I'll take the Buick for the winter, thank you :)

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