Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You might as well know some general things about me, so here goes. I live in a medium sized city in the state known for hot dish, friendly faces and it's northernmost location (Minnesota, of course). I don't particularly like it here, it is my home but the climate is temperamental, the people really aren't my type, blah blah. My mom's side of the family resides in New England, my father's as well, in addition to parts of the South. I like New England a lot more, but hey, Minnesota has it's good attributes as well...

I met the girl of my dreams here (as well as a few that I dream I hadn't met), she is truly the other half of me. You know when you've found that person, the one who refuses to leave your mind, and, given the chance, you wouldn't let them anyway.. THAT kind of person. I love her with all my heart and soul, and I wouldn't change anything about her for anything in the world. Not even my dream car :)

Which brings me to my next little tidbit about me: I love cars. I eat, breathe and sleep them. I know so much about them that I feel like my head is going to explode, and car parts are going to come flying out of it. I went to school for Automotive Mechanics, and got my degree last May. I am particular to Hondas and most imports, but I also love other types of cars, my saying is..

"The true enthusiast appreciates the good things about every aspect of his interest or hobby, and doesn't judge based on what is popular or accepted by most others."

I also enjoy music, quite a bit in fact. I am 100 percent eclectic, I listen to a bit of everything. A few of my favorite groups and/or bands throughout the years have been (in no particular order):

Kottonmouth Kings, Green Day, AFI, HIM, Zac Brown Band, Incubus, Hoobastank, Blink 182, Rascal Flatts, Goo Goo Dolls, and NIN.

I would love to go on but i'm losing inspiration to write anymore right now, when that happens I just kind of ramble on about useless things, so I leave you with this for now, i'll be back sometime later on, until then..

welcome, you're in for a ride...

This is the outlet for my emotions, my thoughts and whatever else comes along. An escape, if you will, the kind that nothing else short of writing can provide. Actually, I take that back, there are other escapes, but I decided to provide you, the audience, a peek inside my mind, a chance to understand Instability. Take a seat, buckle in, and understand these following things:

-I'm a thrillseeker, yet reserved in my appearance and actions.
-I write to vent, whatever comes into my head, exits through my fingers.

Don't expect the same thing day after day, just sit back and let your mind run free as I let my words tell the story.