Monday, June 14, 2010


I get real tired of logging onto Facebook and reading all these posts and status updates regarding personal things, a.k.a. relationship issues/rants.

Quite honestly, if you're to the point where you are willing to share with complete strangers the fact that "he's a cheater and a player" or "she's a slut blah blah", your relationship needs some rethinking. BIGTIME.

I could give a shit less about your personal problems that you need Facebook's help to work out, that just shows a serious lack of motivation to make things better, and makes things quite obvious that you don't really care.


I'm still waiting to actually hear from a friend that I quit talking to just to see if she would really notice if I existed. I'm beginning to think I may never hear from her again.. I was a bit upset to find out that the only time within the last month and a half that i've heard from her, she only called because one of our mutual friends kept asking her how I was doing and suggested she call me, and she responded "Well I guess I could call him."

So much for best friends... or so i'm beginning to think...