Sunday, August 1, 2010

A peice about relationsips, and whatever the hell else I want.

It's been a while, I shall say. Life has kept me pretty occupied so I haven't written in a while, my apologies to all the fans and readers.

One topic i've been dealing with lately is relationships. My own relationships, other peoples' relationships, blahblahblah. I've learned a lot on the topic lately, so here are some things I shall share with you.

Relationships take two to be successful, so remember to do your part. us guys are quite guilty at times of acting like we don't care, not doing the sweet little romantic things, i'm sure the dudes reading this have heard this at one time or another.

As a romantic relationship matures, people seem to fall into a routine of things. The little ga-ga things, that magic spark from the beginning months, has shaped itself into comfort, routine, and ultimately, takes away some of the spontaneity. This is where my first bit of advice begins.

You gotta remember to keep doing the little things in a relationship. You have to continue to be spontaneous, you have to keep writing those little love notes, surprising her with flowers, you have to keep showing her that you do love her, otherwise she may begin to think you don't care, which may very well not be the case, but as a note to the gentlemen, we all know that we are romantic but sometimes don't show it, so remember to keep showing it.

I, myself, was guilty of this exact thing, I learned from it and now my relationship with my girlfriend is stronger than ever. If you're reading this Jessica, i'm sorry, and i'm glad you gave me the chance to show you I do love and care for you very much, I love you honey :)

The second part of my relationship topic comes to trusting your instinct. My instincts have never failed me, not ONCE. When I feel something is wrong, something always has been wrong. Instinct exists with everyone, but a majority choose not to believe it, or push it to the side.

Your instinct can save you from some serious heartbreak, and it can many times work with you, not against you. If you feel from the get-go of a new relationship that things are not as they seem, or you don't feel comfortable, and you can not explain why you feel that way, listen to what your gut is telling you. Your body and mind are a lot more in-tune with things than you can even imagine, we are highly developed organisms with mind-blowing abilities, and this is one of them. So trust it once in a while.

The last part of my relationships topic is something I don't really understand, yet it happens all the time: Cheating.

I've only cheated once, yes I am guilty of it. It was about a year and a half ago, I found out an ex was cheating on me , so I drove to my other exes house and spent the night there. I felt like she had ruined the relationship already so I had no regard to her feelings anymore. Call me selfish, I call it getting even.

However, if you got problems that you think are occurring, be a man, step up and talk to her about it, because if you "love" her so much, you should be able to tell her anything, instead of going behind her back and messin' around.



  1. Oh my god Ryan and Jess. you guys are the most amazing people i have ever met in my life. you have been nothing but the best of friends to me and i cant thank you enough for being there for me and having my back. I almost cried because this was both heart warming and hilarious:) lol.

    I also wanna say what a great example you two are of the most perfect relationship. yes everyone has flaws but you two know how to get through everything and anything and with the most amazing amount of love i have ever seen. What you guys have is so rare and i know you both will always have eachother and i couldnt be happier for you:)

    I absolutely love you guys:)

  2. Jess and I love you very much as well Katie, and thank you for those kind words :) We got your back whenever you need us, not only because you're an awesome friend but becausw we both know how rare it is to find such good friendship in a person, so thank you as well :) <3